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The Phenomenological Approach:

Phenomenology [fĭ-nŏm″ə-nŏl′ə-jē] (noun.) - The study of consciousness from the first-person perspective. A branch of philosophy which attempts a kind of science of subjectivity.

Phenomenology is one of the most foundational disciplines and is essential to all other pursuits of knowledge, including epistemology, metaphysics and metaethics. All spiritual traditions contain phenomenological assertions, and everyone is engaged in phenomenology whether they realise it or not  - but being a good phenomenologist requires considerable practice.

If I were to consider myself gifted at anything, it would be phenomenology. Working on the 'pure' phenomenological level is often (though not always) how I approach teaching. And I would regard this method as not only my particular forté, but as also one of the cleanest means of spiritual awakening.

Self-portrait by Ernst Mach

See an example of me working with someone during a 1 on 1 coaching call to deconstruct the anatomy of their raw/direct (phenomenological) experience, thus leading to deeper self-understanding and freedom from binding delusions which cause contraction in our perception and more suffering.

 If I guide you in a meditation you will feel peace for a day. 

 If I teach you how to meditate you will feel peace throughout your life.

 But if I teach you how to teach yourself to meditate  

 then you can help yourself and others to feel peace across lifetimes. 


Meditation/Phenomenology Tutoring

1 hr  video call 

PLEASE NOTE - I am not a therapist and am not trained to help you with deep psychological issues. Meditation is not a substitute for therapy. Please seek qualified professional help if you are dealing with trauma.

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