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Roger Thisdell and Shawn Preston meditating in the park. Roger Thisdell guided meditations on Patreon
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By pledging just €2.50 a week, you will have access to new, creative and detailed meditations released by me, every week.

LIVE GUIDED MEDITATIONS - Each weekly meditation is given during a Zoom call which you are invited to, so we can meditate together! These take place on Thursdays at 7 pm (UTC+1).

The audio recording of these meditations is a cleaned up and uploaded to Patreon for you to listen to in your own time.

**These events will be me giving a guided meditation over Zoom, everyone else will be muted. So don't worry if you are shy, there is no expectation to speak or turn on your camera.**
Weekly Live/Rec. Guided Meditations
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These are deliberately more effortful meditations, designed to strengthen particular cognitive abilities, which in the long run will help you achieve a more liberated mind.
'Efforting' gets a bad rap in meditation spaces, especially because of a popular view that meditation should be about relaxing and letting go of doing. And while there is truth to that, taken on its own is just another extreme view - which fails to find 'the middle way'.
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Often I think people don't put enough effort into their meditations. Very few people will achieve cessations by casually doing half-assed mindfulness practices. Relaxing to the max is actually a learning process and not intuitive.
Quite simply, many people coast for years in their meditation practice, not making much progress because they don't exert mental effort at the right time in the right ways. And that's what these Meditative Workouts can help you with.
I've lost count now, but I've done around 4,000 hours of sitting practice and a lot of that was very deliberate, repetitive exercises to train my brain. You see, there are certain required energy thresholds and perceptual skills that need to be met in order to undo many stored bodymind knots (the cause of our delusions). Without heating up and reconditioning the system, tight contraction will remain unconscious.
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Put in the work now and the levels of relaxation, equanimity and joy you can achieve over the course of your life will be even greater than if you were to only do do-nothing or letting go type meditations. Sometimes you actually need to contract more, to expand even more!
Though it is true that in the end the doing mode and the being mode synthesise into one, and so eventually there is no difference. But until then, explore both and don't idolise only 'being' and don't denigrate 'doing'.
Meditation can be seen as training for the mental Olympics, with the main event of your life being to apprehend reality clearly, NOW. Just as you're not going to be able to squat 150kg your first time in the gym; you're not going to be able gain insight into no-self and dependent origination on day one - so put in the work!
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