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Enjoy Guided Meditations By Roger

Roger Thisdell and Shawn Preston meditating in the park. Roger Thisdell guided meditations on Patreon
New weekly live & recorded, long and extensive meditations sign up to Roger's Patreon!

Get access to all of these and more

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By pledging just €2.50 a week, you will have access to new, creative and detailed meditations released by me, every week.

LIVE GUIDED MEDITATIONS - Each weekly meditation is given during a Zoom call which you are invited to, so we can meditate together! These take place on Thursdays at 7 pm (UTC).

The audio recording of these meditations is a cleaned up and uploaded to Patreon for you to listen to in your own time.

**These events will be me giving a guided meditation over Zoom, everyone else will be muted. So don't worry if you are shy, there is no expectation to speak or turn on your camera.**
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Every week
I add to my collections of guided meditations on Patreon!

Try These Meditations (samples)

Noting simple, Noting in detail and Noticing 50 min patreon meditation
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