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Thank You For Booking A Call With Me!

Because this our first session together, I want to share some info so you know what to expect.

Understanding someone else's mind takes time

and I don't like to presume I know more about your situation than I do and rush to prescriptions (perhaps like some other meditation teachers).

That's why... the beginning of the session, it helps me to help you if you can tell me a little about yourself.

For instance:

  • What's your history with meditation/spiritual practice?

  • What kind of teachings are you (not) a fan of?

  • Why have you come to me?

  • What do you expect from these sessions?

Once I know a bit more about you, then it's good for us to get into detail regarding recent experiences/practices and current phenomenology.


Then we can start considering a plan of action for how we can work together to help you on your path of insight, and I'll advise more specific techniques.

In subsequent sessions

We will address more specific roadblocks as they come up and check in on how you've been finding the practices that I've advised in previous sessions.

(I typically suggest a frequency of calls every 2 weeks to see how you've been progressing and

You don't need to prepare anything for these sessions or write to me to answer these questions.

In fact, I prefer to hear from you, in your voice, over the video call.

See you soon and breathe easy,


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