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Hey there, I'm Roger

Roger Thisdell meditation teacher

...a philosophy graduate and meditation teacher who attained MCTB 4th Path on 21st May 2021, resulting in monumental freedom from suffering.


It is my wish to help others realise this same peace of mind and well-being independent of conditions.


Meditation Coaching
1 hr  video call
donation based

"Roger has extensive knowledge related to different types of meditation and he is always offering solutions when I feel lost and anxious. I can't think of a better teacher! :)" - Camila (Brazil)

A Pragmatic, Non-Fluff Approach To Enlightenment

Incorporating the Best of

The Western & Eastern (Brain) Hemispheres

Rational, systems thinking approaches informed via empirical evidence, while still being holistic in our outlook, attuned to our emotions, and open to the fundamentally uncapturable nature of things, helps us make sense of and traverse our mental landscapes.

Roger doing jhana meditation with EEG device at the Alembic meditation center

Let's be real about it

Radical transformations of mind that bring a sense of permanent equanimity are possible!

How best do we realise this?

It will require lots of training and repetitive mental/attentional exercises, that over time rewire our brain and strengthen particular cognitive facilities (i.e. concentration, meta-cognition, attentional clarity, NPSs). With these skills developed and the broadening of our consciousness tool kit, the mind can begin to investigate and remodel its own self-understanding. The result is the apprehension of core qualities of phenomena which scale at the highest and lowest level structures of the mind. With such gnosis, something we may call Nirvana can be realised.

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