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But How Much is Appropriate to Donate?

I've added this section because people have expressed their uncertainty around this topic and are perhaps not comfortable talking about money so directly, so let me help answer any queries.


So how much per session? Really, it depends on your circumstances and how much value you feel you derive from our sessions together. I want these sessions to be easily available and at a cost that's not too prohibitive for you. And I encourage you to consider making a donation only after the session is over, so that way you can judge for yourself the true value you feel is being provided here.

Here are some pointing questions which may help give an estimate:

1) What is a comfortable amount for you so that you don't feel hard-pressed to decide whether to book a coaching call with me or not?

2) If it were you giving these coaching sessions, how much would you believe is good compensation for your time?

3) Is there a similar product/service you have paid for? How much did that cost?

I love spending my time helping people better understand their minds and subsequently suffer less and feel more at ease in this world. At the same time, it's also true that I have to pay my bills and don't have infinite time. The viability of this mutually empowering work is thanks to your support!

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