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Become Ever Freer From Dukkha!

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Meditation Coaching
1 hr  video call
donation based

Roger Thisdell meditation coaching in the park

Need help with your meditation practice? Book a coaching session with me today.

These private 1 on 1 coaching sessions are on a donation basis and are how I earn a living. My time is valuable to me and I hope to you too. You may show appreciation by donating however much you feel the session is worth :).

PLEASE NOTE - I am not a therapist and am not trained to help you with deep psychological issues. Meditation is not a substitute for therapy. Please seek qualified professional help if you are dealing with trauma.

What are people saying about Roger's teaching?

Roger Thisdell online meditation coaching
Roger Thisdell online mediation coaching

 Roger has high positive energy which reflects in his being. It is easy to feel connected with him. He properly analyzed all the descriptions I provided him about my meditative experience and helped me with precise next steps. I liked that his advice is more practical and less mystical/superficial!

I definitely recommend Roger if you are stuck on your journey. He will help you untangle your mind and perceive the insights that would significantly accelerate your spiritual progress.

- Vismay (India)

Roger Thisdell online meditation coaching
Roger Thisdell and Brendan Graham Dempsey online meditation coaching metamodern spirituality podcast
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Meditation Coaching
1 hr  video call
donation based

What are 1:1 sessions with me like?

It depends on many, many factors, but firstly I like to start by

hearing your story and what you find to be relevant in your meditation journey.

It helps me to help you if I understand what motivates you, what you've been through/experienced, and how you conceptualise the process/project of meditation.


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The Space I Provide

I'm here to provide an open and compassionate space for you to share how you relate to life, being and existence in its deepest sense.


By listening to how you construe things, I can relate to you better and tailor my language/advice in a way that may resonate with you more.  For example, are you more rationally or scientifically minded? Are you more poetic or philosophical? More hippy/spiritual? More of a personal development type person? Or a mix of all of the above? However you may be, I am very considerate of the fact that everyone is trying as best as they can to make sense of this world.


Image by Susanna Marsiglia

To begin, it's good to ask yourself:
-Why do you want to meditate?
-What do you hope to achieve/realise?

(Trying to answer these questions and sharing your answer with someone else can be helpful in its own right.)

It's helpful if you come to these sessions with an idea in mind of what you want to find clarity on/specific issues you want help addressing. If you're unsure of what you want to work on or don't have any specific questions, that's fine too :). Points of interest and focus always emerge!

From here we can go into more detail on which particular stage you may be at in your journey/where you're currently working from. *I do have a general roadmap for how one progresses on the path of insight, but it's important to remember the map is not the territory and everyone is different. And also sometimes this stuff just confuses and deludes people more.

Getting Started

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How I Can Help/What We Can Get Into

  • Finding your leading edge of practice and insight - and instruct you on how to deepen, integrate and move forward from this place.

  • Advising specific techniques for specific moments of practice - When it comes to meditation practice, I have trained in many different techniques and have learnt when and which techniques are more advisable at different periods along the path.

  • Providing you helpful resources - frameworks, theories, maps and other teachings which can help you make sense of your experience and the general terrain of meditation and the mind.

  • Ask an adept meditator questions that you couldn't ask a monk - I don't shy away, so ask away!


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To close things off, at the end of our session together I normally advise 2-3 pieces of practical advice that you can start implementing into your practice straightaway (any more than 2-3 things and it's easy to be overwhelmed). Think of it like suggested 'homework'.

Ending The Session


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Meditation Coaching
1 hr  video call
donation based


 If I guide you in a meditation you will feel peace for a day. 

 If I teach you how to meditate you will feel peace throughout your life.

 But if I teach you how to teach yourself to meditate  

 then you can help yourself and others to feel peace across lifetimes. 

NO GURU HERE – I am deliberately avoiding a hierarchical guru model. There are many obvious pitfalls, falsehoods and deliberate disempowerment traps which come from pedestaling one figure above others. No one human being is beyond fallibility or criticism. In different circumstances, sometimes we are the student and sometimes the teacher. And both the student and the teacher should be open to hearing feedback from each other. I wish that everyone realise their own inner wisdom and what great value they have to offer others.

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